lundi 14 novembre 2016

Can we combine cigarettes and sports?

Everbody, including smokers, knows today that tobacco is harmful to the health. What is less well known is that sport only partially compensates for the harmful effects of tobacco. It is therefore essential to not smoke or to quit smoking when doing sports.

The negative effects of cigarette smoking in athletes

The first negative effect of tobacco on athletic performance is, not surprisingly, a decrease in respiratory capacity due to the harm of the mucosa caused by the irritants of the cigarettes but also by the hypoxia due to the association of carbon monoxide And hemoglobin.

The second negative effect of tobacco lies in muscle performance. The quality of the muscle fibers and the proper functioning of the muscles are in fact altered by the different components of the cigarettes.

Another problem related to smoking is the decline in endurance but also speed and strength that are particularly harmful to the athletes. Finally, it should not be forgotten that tobacco greatly increases the risk of diseases and cardiovascular accidents.

The effects of smoking cessation

It would seem that 4 days is enough to wean a smoker because the nicotine then disappears from the blood system. Obviously, physical and psychological dependencies are difficult to overcome and are certainly the elements that make smoking cessation so problematic. One of the frequent consequences of quitting cigarettes is weight gain. This is due to several factors including the cessation of the anorectic effects of tobacco, the return of taste sensations and the need for compensation.

This is where sport becomes an asset, since it makes it possible to stop smoking without necessarily gaining weight and acts as an anxiolytic (thanks to the effect of endorphins).

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